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Gaurav kumar
Gaurav kumar
Highly recommended for quick and easy flight bookings without hustling from multiple apps for discounted fares.
First time i opted for there service and it was awesome... Got Lowest price as promised
Sonu Sonkar
Sonu Sonkar
I booked flight from shirdi to blr and they provided me the lowest price compared to other websites and also they provided all information regarding my queries and webcheckin also done from their end . They communicated through whatsapp and it was very convenient. Definitely recommend if you are booking flight tickets.
gopi gtn
gopi gtn
Your team has organised a well and good package for Manali. It covers all the main spots. The rooms and the arrangements were really awesome. All was done with perfection!..places & hotels selected were the indicated ones !..From arrival we felt secure & comfortable with our car driver who made all efforts in satisfying our needs. You and your team helped a lot by responding quickly to my queries. If possible will book an another amazing trip with yours. Thanks for an amazing journey on our lives!馃槏
Kullai Basha
Kullai Basha
Good service. Got tickets at a lower price compared to all sites. And by mistake, I made an excess payment. They called me back and reverted the difference amount. Can be first prefer to book flight tickets.
Garvit Gupta
Garvit Gupta
Nice service
Bhanu Gupta
Bhanu Gupta
The team is very cooperative and efficient in providing their services. I had an amazing experience with them. Highly recommended!

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Talk To Expert For Your Cheap Flight Tickets and Group Air Ticket Booking

get cheap flight tickets from seturtrip

Let me know your requirement for the best price

Talk To Expert For Your Cheap Flight Tickets

Let me know your requirement for the best price

get cheap flight tickets from seturtrip

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book cheap flight tickets from SETURTRIP

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Get Hotel booking anywhere in India at the best price

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reviews of seturtrip
reviews of seturtrip
reviews of seturtrip
reviews of seturtrip

Talk To Expert For Your Cheap Flight Tickets

get cheap flight tickets from seturtrip

Let me know your requirement for the best price

Talk To Expert For the cheap airline Tickets

Let me know your requirement for the best price

get cheap flight tickets from seturtrip


How to find cheap flights

These days flight fares have raised to a great height. The flight tickets are getting costly day by day. If you are looking for cheap flight tickets then you are at the right place. There are many ways to book cheap flight tickets in India.

Seturtrip is one of the best place to book cheap tickets in India. These days many flights are emerging day by day, Even every airline like Go First, Spice Jet etc. are increasing their aircrafts day by day to cover most of the sectors.

How can you book Cheap flight tickets from SETURTIRP?

Seturtrip is the most reliable travel agency based in Delhi. We at Seturtrip always strive to look for the lowest fare for our clients even cheaper than Google Flights, Expedia Flights, priceline flights and many others. We deal in almost all the sectors in India and with all airlines.

We also deal in Group fares, special discounted fare, Coupon fare and many more ways to provide the cheapest airfare to our clients. To book the cheap flight tickets from Seturtrip you can send hi on one of our WhatsApp number (+91-99998-66662 or +91-981113-8880).

You have to share few details like your travel place (Departure city and Arrival City), your travel date, Number of tickets. Then our executive will look for the flight tickets available for the provided details and then you can book your flight tickets at the lowest fare.

Which airline provide the cheap domestic flights?

There are many airline flying from one place to another in India that providing their services in all the domestic sectors of India. Out of all the airlines only few airline provide the maximum discount to their clients.

Go First, Spice Jet and Air Asia are few airlines that provide the maximum discount as compared to the other airlines like Vistara and Air India.

Vistara and Air India are one of the premium airlines and provide some of the special services like free meal, and even Air India provide 25Kg baggage instead of 15Kg check-in baggage so they charge extra amount and provide very less discount.

Now a days few more airline that are added to the domestic sectors of India named Alliance airline and Akasa Airline. Being the new airline just to make new customers these days these airline also provide the cheap domestic flights to their clients.

Is it possible to get last minute flight deals?

Yes, Sometime it is possible to get last minute flight deals. There is a myth that if we book flight ticket 6 months before then we will get the lowest flight fare but it is not so.

As per the records if we cheap book flight tickets India within 15-20 days of travel and within same month then you get the maximum discount on your flight booking.

Yes, we can also get the last minute flight deal even 1 or 2 days before the travel date just because it happens that if flight load is not very high then airline may or may not sell it with discount.

So always try to book flight tickets within 15-20 days of your travel date. It will really help you to get the lowest fare, Also Seturtrip can provide you the cheap flight tickets in India.

Is cheap flight tickets booked from SETURTIRP refundable when we cancel it?

There are 3 type of tickets that can bee booked from Seturtrip. The type of tickets that can be booked are as follows:

  1. Partially refundable
  2. Fully Refundable
  3. Non Refundable

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1. Partially Refundable Ticket: In partially refundable ticket customers can easily cancel their flight ticket but in this case Airline fee + Convenience fee is deducted.

2. Fully Refundable: In fully refundable tickets you can cancel the ticket but only some amount is deducted and rest of the amount is refunded.

3. Non Refundable: In case of non refundable flight ticket you can cancel the ticket but nothing will be refunded in this case.

In the case of Partially refundable and fully refundable ticket the amount is refunded by the airlines in 15-20 working days. It can be less or more than that and that completely depends on the airlines.

Once the cancellation is raised then customers have to wait till the amount is received from the airlines. As soon as the refund is received from the airlines, It is refunded to the clients.

How to book flight tickets online from SETURTRIP?

1. Share your travel details: Share your travel details like your travel place (Destination city and Arrival City), Travel date, Number of tickets on one of the WhatsApp number of SETURTRIP: +91-99998-66662, +91-98111-38880.

2. Get cheapest airfare: One of the executive will give you the cheapest airfare available with Seturtrip along with the flight details.

3. Choose most preferrable flight: Choose most preferrable flight time, airline and the fare within your budget.

4. Share passengers details: Share your all passengers names with title(Mr. or Ms.) and your names should exactly match your Id proof. If you also have an Infant travelling then you also have to share the Date of Birth of the Infant.

5. Make Payment: Make payment to the Seturtrip bank account or the Seturtrip UPI number and share the snapshot on the Seturtrip WhatsApp number.

6. Final Confirmation: Once you share the payment snapshot the executive will then fill up the booking form and will share the snapshot of the flight details and the passengers details. Check all the details very carefully.

7. Get ticket copy: Once you give the final confirmation the executive will book the ticket and share the ticket copy with you.

8. Web Check-in: One day before your travel date you have to do the web check-in and get the boarding passes. For web check-in there are 2 ways wither you can go to airline website and do the web check-in or share your ticket copy on Seturtrip WhatsApp number and one of the executive will do it for you.

8. Get boarding pass: Once the seats are assigned by airlines then the Seturtrip executive will share the boarding passes of all the passengers with you on your WhatsApp number.

These are the simple steps that you need to follow in order to book cheap flight tickets from SETURTRIP.

SETURTRIP: Your Premier Choice for Group Flight Booking in Delhi

Welcome to SETURTRIP, the premier travel agency based in Delhi, specializing in group flight bookings. We understand that planning travel for a large group can be challenging, which is why we’re here to make the process seamless and affordable. Whether you鈥檙e organizing a family reunion, corporate outing, educational trip, or a large group vacation, SETURTRIP offers the best deals on group airline tickets, ensuring your journey is stress-free and enjoyable.

Why Choose SETURTRIP for Group Flight Bookings?

Effortless Flight Group Booking

At SETURTRIP, we simplify the complexities of booking flights for large groups. Our user-friendly booking process and dedicated team ensure that securing group air tickets is smooth and hassle-free. From the initial inquiry to final ticketing, we handle all the details, so you can focus on enjoying your trip.

Competitive Prices on Group Airline Tickets

We pride ourselves on offering some of the most competitive prices in the market. Thanks to our strong relationships with major airlines, we can provide exclusive discounts and group fare air tickets that are tailored to your budget. This means you get more value for your money without compromising on quality or convenience.

Customized Service for Group Air Ticket Booking

Every group has its unique needs and preferences. At SETURTRIP, our experienced travel agents provide personalized service to cater to all your requirements. Whether it鈥檚 arranging special meal options, managing diverse travel schedules, or ensuring comfortable seating arrangements, we tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

Flexible Group Flight Booking Options

Flexibility is key when it comes to group travel. We offer a variety of booking options to suit your schedule and preferences. Whether you need to make changes to your itinerary, add extra passengers, or coordinate different departure times, our flexible group booking flight solutions are designed to accommodate your every need.

Significant Savings with Group Flight Ticket Discounts

One of the biggest advantages of booking with SETURTRIP is the substantial savings you can enjoy. We offer special group flight ticket discounts that allow you to save more as you book more. Our bulk air ticket booking options ensure that you get the best rates available, making it easier to manage your travel budget.

Expertise of Group Booking Travel Agents

Our team of expert travel agents is the backbone of our exceptional service. With years of experience in the travel industry, they possess the knowledge and expertise to handle all aspects of your group flight bookings. From finding the best routes and schedules to negotiating the best fares, our agents ensure you get the most out of your travel experience.

Our Comprehensive Group Flight Booking Services

Bulk Flight Ticket Booking

For large groups, bulk flight ticket booking is the most efficient way to manage travel. We provide comprehensive solutions that cover everything from ticket issuance to last-minute adjustments. Our bulk booking service ensures that all your group members are accommodated on the same flights, making coordination much easier.

Seamless Group Fare Management

Managing group fares can be complex, but with SETURTRIP, it鈥檚 straightforward. We offer clear and transparent fare management services, ensuring you know exactly what you鈥檙e paying for. Our team works diligently to find the best group fare air ticket deals, helping you save money while enjoying top-notch service.

Dedicated Support for Group Travel

Traveling with a group can present unique challenges, but our dedicated support team is always here to help. From pre-departure arrangements to in-flight services and post-arrival assistance, we are committed to providing comprehensive support throughout your journey. Our goal is to ensure that every aspect of your group travel experience is smooth and enjoyable.

Contact Us for the Best Group Flight Booking Experience

Are you ready to book your group鈥檚 flights? Contact SETURTRIP today and discover the best group flight ticket discounts and personalized services that will make your travel planning a breeze. Our team is eager to assist you in creating a memorable and cost-effective travel experience.

Let SETURTRIP take the stress out of group travel planning. Trust us for affordable prices, personalized service, and a seamless travel experience. With SETURTRIP, your group鈥檚 journey is in good hands.

How can I get cheap flight ticket?

Yes, now you can get the cheap flight tickets in India and save a up to 50% on your flight fare. If you want to get the cheap flight ticket contact SETURTRIP at +919999866662, +919811138880

Is SETURTRIP Genuine Company?

Yes, SETURTRIP is one of the best travel agency based in Delhi. It provides the cheapest flight ticket in India.

Why should I choose Seturtrip to book my flights?

Seturtrip offers a simple flight booking process, as well as various discounts, instant EMI options, and credit/ debit card related offers. By using these benefits, you can get air tickets at reasonable prices.

What makes Seturtrip the most affordable portal for booking flights?

Seturtrip provides substantial savings on a number of flight routes while charging no convenience fees. Many websites that let you buy flights online don't mention any additional convenience charges until all the necessary information has been completed. The convenience fees typically range from 2 to 5 percent of the ticket's total price.